Wednesday, October 19, 2011

North Vernon WWTP Visit

We certainly love our waste water treatment facilities!  Those facilities, as you can probably imagine, use a tremendous amount of energy and are expensive to maintain and upgrade.  Given that, we were happy to award the City of North Vernon an energy efficiency grant to upgrade its waste water treatment plant.

The treatment plant was running on pumps from 1978 -- which were obviously inefficient and outdated.  Using grant funds, the city replaced the pumps with new impellers.  The impellers reduce the risk of clogging, have a self-cleaning design which leads to less blockages, have an internal closed loop cooling system, and have improved seals.  Bottom line?  These require less maintenance and save on operating costs.

The city also replaced their existing 75hp blowers with new energy efficient blowers and also installed VFDs (variable frequency drives) on two existing 100hp motors and two existing 40hp blowers.

It's estimated these improvements will save the city (well, really, the taxpayers) $26,000 a year!

North Vernon received an Energy Efficiency for Wastewater Tretament (EEWT) grant from the Indiana Office of Energy Development.  The EEWT program was funded using federal State Energy Program (SEP) dollars administered by OED.

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