Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Indy's clean, green fleet

We've been writing about quite a few energy efficiency projects our office has funded, but that's not all we do.  If you're in the Indy metro area, you might have seen this on the news yesterday -- but if not, we wanted to make sure to pass along info on the City of Indianapolis's green(er) fleet and how OED was involved.

The Office of Energy Development, partnering with the Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition, received a $10.1 million stimulus grant from the U.S. Department of Energy's Clean Cities program.  The City of Indianapolis receive a $318,300 grant from our office, and just yesterday, they unveiled the fleet.  Indianapolis, including the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, City's Department of Public works, and the Marion County Sheriff's Department, now have 25 hybrid Ford Fusions, 10 2009 F250 trucks that run on propane (autogas), 1 2009 Ford E250 van, and 10 2011 Ford E350 vans running on bi-fuel autogas.

Propane is a clean-burning, domestically available fuel with an average fuel cost of around $2.50.  Propane has 24% less carbon emissions than unleaded fuel, with 90% of the efficiency.  It's estimated that the gas and maintenance savings for the propane conversions is $15,000 per truck.

We should also mention that the Ford Fusion hybrids average 30 miles per gallon.  These are replacing Crown Victoria models that average 20 miles per gallon.

Many thanks to the City of Indianapolis and the Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition for making this such a successful project!

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