Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Available OED grants

In case you've been behind on your blog reading, we've announced three new programs within these past few weeks and we wanted to make sure you didn't miss anything!

CHIP, or Conserving Hoosier Industrial Power, is a program for large-scale commercial and industrial facilities to implement energy efficiency measures.  Read up on CHIP here or contact Megan at 317-232-8939 for additional information.  Deadline to apply is September 23rd.

Energy Action in Schools is -- you guessed it -- a program for schools that allows students to learn about how to save energy in their schools and at home.  You can read about Energy Action in Schools here and again, contact Megan at 317-232-8939 if your school is interested.  Deadline to apply is also September 23rd.

We just announced the Alternative Fuel Vehicle program yesterday.  This program will offer grants for fleets.  Additional info can be found here.  Contact Patrick at 317-232-8939 if you'd like more info.  Deadline for the AFV program is September 30th.

We look forward to reading some stellar grant applications!

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